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Data Technologies offers a wide range of services in order to meet our customers needs. We can take your plans and help you come up with an installation that meets your requirements.

Infrastructure Cabling

The core of our business has been infrastructure cabling. We have cabled hospitals, arenas, hockey rinks, military bases, schools, retail stores, malls just to name a few. Voice and Data Communications is the cornerstone of any business today, and is often designed as an after-thought to the rest of your building. With the increasing demands for connectivity, throughput and overall system performance ensuring that you have a quality product installed is just as important as the services you provide to your customers. Un-necessary downtime due to incorrect cable installation can cost a company thousands of dollars an hour in lost productivity. Using Data Technologies is an insurance that you have BICSI and RCDD Certified installer. There are many different ways to install a voice and data network, however with Data Technologies you can ensure that we will meet with you to understand what your exact needs are and design the appropriate system. The key to this success is to ensure that we get in on the ground floor of the building design so that we can ensure that appropriate cable pathways are developed for your cabling needs.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic communications is the backbone of any business today. Whether it is your utility company bringing their signal into the DMarcation point of your building, or if your building is large enough tieing your telecommunications rooms together.In this day and age of ever increasing requirements for data transmission, ensuring that you have a quality product installed is just as important as the service you provide to your customers. Data Technologies has over 20 years of experience installing single mode, multi-mode and laser optimized multi-mode cable in a variety of settings. We fusion splice in underground vaults, we have upgraded fiber backbones for telephone companies, we have fusion spliced pig-tails and connectors to inside or outside plant cables to name just a few. We have a variety of ways that we can terminate fiber optic cable to meet a wide variety of situations. We pre-test spools before they are ever installed, we always test post installation and ensure that you are getting a quality product. We test by using both an OTDR (Optical time-domain reflectometer) and Light Loss Meter to ensure that our installation meets or exceeds industry standards.

We are the only installer in the Fargo/Moorhead area who is authorized to install Sumitomo's FutureFLEX ™ Airblown fiber system. This system is different from a traditional fiber cable, in that a series of tubes are installed. The tubes are connected boxes, which in turn are connected to your telecommunications racks. The tubes are manufacturered into a cable, once installed and supported correctly the system allows us to 'blow' fiber optic cabling through the tubes. This system of cabling can be installed within a building and between buildings just like standard fiber. The way this system is designed, it allows for easier additions and upgrades to your backbone plant. While the upfront costs are a little more than a traditional system, you'll see savings on future installations.

OTDR Tester


Our primary focus when it comes to security is to provide the network cabling for IP based systems. We can offer you a complete camera, NVR system through our partner VivoTek. They have a wide variety of solutions to cover your CCTV needs. From traditional to IP based cameras, both indoor and ourdoor versions are available. Depending on your recording needs they have several different NVR's from which to chose. Depending on which software versions you choose, you can even remotely view your cameras over the internet by using their cloud application.


One of Data Technologies largest installations was the Fargo Dome's Concourse Television upgrade. The project installing telecommunications cabling to all of the telvision locations on the concourse and adding the television locations to the lavatories. We upgraded the distribution backbone to a singlemode fiber optic system, and we were responsible for sourcing the video distribution vendor.

Your project doesn't have to be as large as the Fargo Dome for us to give you the same end to end service. Even if it is only one television location we can find a solution that will suite your needs. Whether it be extending a coax cable for a cable television connection, or an IP based smart board system. We have the tools and ability to install the system you need.

Outside Plant

Outside plant in relation to what work we perform, refers to all of the physical cabling and supporting infrastructure (such as conduit, cabinets, tower or poles), and any associated hardware (such as repeaters) located between a demarcation point in a and a intermediate point in another building on the customer premises. While we don't install underground conduit or support poles, we do partner with other trades that can perform these tasks. Data Technologies will install the cable and perform all terminations and testing for your outside plant backbone. We can splice both copper and fiber optic cable.